24K HairGrowth System

JolieHeart 24K HairGrowth System is designed to help promote and retain hair growth. This daily/bi-weekly hair growth system uses a strategic blend that delivers nutrition and increases blood flow to your scalp... Delivering Long, Beautiful, Full, Lively hair.

The JolieHeart way!



" Mi Amor , Black Queen, Pumpkin,  Doll Baby, Habib, SweetHeart. Albi, Meinu, Nani Koki , Tesoro, Kun, Do you know your beautiful, perfectly made, capable beyond your wildest imagination?

 I need her to know her crown, the skin she's in, special because of who she is no matter who she is. I beg she never allows the opinions to cause her to doubt herself and if they do I send my words to be a guide to remind you...to help you find... You.

 Dont believe when they pretend they never lost track... Never felt lack.. we know better than that.  I claim an aura so brilliant return to sender isn't necessary, she shines so bright, makes it impossible for negativity to reach, message never received.  

May her presence force her enemies to study the language of love because  hate and anger is a method she's unable to comprehend, and just by being .................................... She's made here a better place. 

In this space we see color but never like no other, we see it for its beauty and its story , its teachings, lack and glory, we must realize it's all connected  and She must acknowledge the ones who came before me, in order to understand the struggles and plight of you and ultimately that is the only way to comprehend who I AM. Step outside to find yourself , see yourself in your sister .. because you are her,she is me ,she is you,I am you, you are me, and I AM HER! "


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